Lady Karame


As many women do, we also love the financial fetish. Sooner or later you’ll get trapped in our greedy claws anyway and finance our luxuries. You’ll lay down your hard earned money to our feet with a smile on your face or transfer money to us without moaning or oppositions. We’ll sqeeze out every little cent out of you, because it’s better hands when it’s in our hands, right? As a good slave you’ll always take care to keep our wishlist as small as possible. We even don’t stop at your dispo, nor do we have mercy for your miserable cryings. We are the sense and content of your life and everything belonging to you will soon belong to us. If we want, we use your credit card and order in behalf of you, even if we make your account turn into a void. Maybe we’ll be booking some weeks of vacation in the carribean area to relax. Everything that’ll be on your mind, is where to get more money for us! THIS is the life of a money slave, THIS is gonna be YOUR life!

If that’s your fantasy, contact us, but don’t forget the huge sum that should reach us together with your request, so that we prize you with our answer at all!

You can pay your tribute right now!

What we also like a lot:

  • online shopping (starting at 200€ - only for slaves who already have paid their tribute)
  • real shopping (starting at 400€), only in Hamburg or surrounding areas
  • rent-paying slaves
  • limitless EC/MAESTRO money drawings (after you’ve entered your PIN, you’ll turn around)
  • full access to your anking account, including TANs
  • borrower’s notes (no immoral ones - you’ll pay your dues consequently)
  • bill-slaves
  • slaves to pay our vacations
  • slaves to pay our hotel
  • car and fuel-paying slaves

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