Lady Karame



I am not a Princess, I do not want to get spoiled, worshipped and adored.. I am a Dominatrix and a Financial Dominatrix at that. I would rather have all your money and watch you suffer eating bread and shit while drinking your own piss.. That's what a REAL slave is.. This bullshit of slaves coming to me asking if they can worship and all they have to offer is "come to watch me on cam" ..That is not a slave, that is an attention-hungry male looking for a reason to jack off. Fuck that. I ONLY accept real slaves who understand the sacrifice a slave makes to live the life of servitude.. Embrace it or Fuck off!

Just to be clear straight away: I do not need you! You need ME! I am a woman standing in the midst of life. I am not a housewife, a student or someone who HAS to earn your money! My passion is sadism. It excites me to let you physically and financially bleed out slowly. To abuse you as I want to, and thus slowly get control over your pity life.

I'm not a wishlist! I do what I want and do not connect to slaves who only want to satisfy their primitive desires. Your ambition is to serve me in any way. I play with your lust but your relief does absolutely not matter to me. My time and my sadism I only want to spend with slaves who put me before anything. When you apply, you have the unique opportunity to tell me what you like and what is a no go. Whether I get into that is out of your hands.

You will get my attention with a neat application and the right amount of cash. If you have no job, in-depth or trying to survive at the end of the month already, do not waste my time or find a way to make money fast. I hate freeloaders, liars and horny fags that already jerk off just by texting with me.

You're not here to improve my life. You are here because I will make your life worth living again!

I do not believe in vulgar language, I'm subtle, crafty and unpredictable. Those who try to manipulate me will quickly see who dominates the game perfectly.

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