Lady Karame
Stepson didnt do his homework
Stepson didnt do his homework

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There are loud cries from the upper floor. There are two voices. One moan in pain and the other scolds him. The housewife has caught the stepson again that he has not cleaned his room. Everything is lying around. His job was to keep his room clean. His stepmother comes along and enjoys the spectacle for a while until it gets too colorful. She sends the housekeeper away and begins her punishment. The poor villain whimpers and whines. His butt is already green and blue from other punishments. Each blow feels like a thousand pinpricks. He begs for mercy and would like to run away. He does not dare, because the punishment would be even worse. His stepmother torments him with slaps and biting words of humiliation. #nylons #feet #feetfetish #footfetish #femaledomination #feet #caning #face slapping #mules #shoefetish #femdom #corperal punishment #sandals