Lady Karame
Sexy feet in Nylons and a Thrilling Game (Part 1)
Sexy feet in Nylons and a Thrilling Game (Part 1)

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Lady Karame leaves her slave for a while and reads the post. Visibly annoyed, she dangles with her mules. Angry, she jiggles her pumps up and down until they repeatedly slip from her nylon foot and fall to the floor. Now she has enough and throws the letter on the table. The slave still whimpering on the sofa. The mistress has come up with an exciting game to let her sadistic streak out. She explains the rules to the slave and showing him the tools with which she will harass him if he loses the game. #nylon #female domination #femdom #findom #arrogant women #mules #pumps #leather dress #dangling #humiliation #mistress #slave #leather #blonde #foot fetish #feet