Lady Karame
My lazy slave licks my Waders while I beat him with the cane!
My lazy slave licks my Waders while I beat him with the cane!

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My slave is sitting lazily on the couch and plays with his little cock, without asking me for permission? What impertinence! When I entered the room in my skintight red PVC pants and my thigh-high Waders, my lazy slave doesn’t make any effort to get his lazy ass off my couch. Obviously, it's time for a lesson. I pull out my cane and thrash his bare ass with my cane. He won't be sitting on my couch for a very long time! Then I coerce him on his knees and let him clean my Waders. Greedily the slave tongue glides across the rubber of my thigh-high boots. In between I use the cane to motivate him! Then I put a boot to the back of his neck and coerce him to lick the soles as well. Down on the floor right where he belongs. Finally, my slave must put his hand flat out on the floor and I step on it with my boot! While my slave licks for his life - such thigh-high boots involve a lot of licking - I humiliate him verbally, because I can and because he deserves no better! #mistress #dominatrix #femdom #cane #waders #PVC #caning #humiliation