Lady Karame
Hunter boots - cleaning with a slave tongue
Hunter boots - cleaning with a slave tongue

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I was in the garden today with my elegant, fashionable, sexy, black Hunter boots. Naturally with time, they have become very dirty, dusty and muddy. Nevertheless, I have YOU for that reason. You are always hungry for my sexy legs, boots and feet. However, you are not here today only for my feet. When you are done with my magnificent Hunter boots, your floppy slave tongue will be anything but clean. Dirt, stones and mud, anything that does not belong to my feet, will traverse it. You will grave to catch a glance or smell of my beguiling feet. But you will not be allowed to do this. Every inch of my boots will be licked by you. Your tongue squeezed deep into the soles of my boots. At least you allowed thanking me while you kiss my boots submissively. Your submissive attitude makes me greedier, and triumphantly I put my clean boots on your body while my long riding crop dances on your ass as a reward. My laughter will still ring in your ears many nights from now on.