Lady Karame
Hungry slave eats toast out of my sweaty sneakers (POV)
Hungry slave eats toast out of my sweaty sneakers (POV)

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I was working out and still wear my skintight transparent sport-leggings and my sweaty old sneakers and you are kneeling on the floor waiting for me. Your stomach is growling, because today I haven't given you anything to eat yet, the disobedient slave that you are. Fortunately for you, I am a gracious mistress! I have brought you something to eat. I strut in my gorgeous sports-outfit in front of you and crush your food a little more because today you’ll get toast from me, which I have carried in my sneakers with me all day long. What a mouthwatering sight, slave! I take off the sneakers one by one and get the toast out of my shoes, one slice after the other. Since you are a slave you will get the toast without supplement, refined only with the smell of the sweaty feet of your mistress. Go on, eat every crumb of the toast from the floor. If you do a good job, you are allowed to cum on my sweaty feet, but only if you lick them clean after you spread your filthy load, slave! #mistress #dominatrix #femdom #sneaker #foodporn #sweat #POV