Lady Karame
Hardcore Slave Punishment
Hardcore Slave Punishment

Video-Length: 15m 31s
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This is an indoor torture and humiliation video. You can see me dressed in red leather jacket, black leather pants and black high heeled boots. Boots that need to be cleaned. As I sit on the barstool this naked useless slave is put to work by cleaning my boots. With his tongue of course. When he starts licking up the boots he is reminded his place the lower parts of boots where dirt and dust accumulates. Of course he does not do a good job. He needs a lesson for being a lazy slave. I start slapping his face mercilessly and repeatedly. This old pathetic worm starts to scream in pain like a sissy he is. Very painful slaps on his ugly face. He gets spitted in the mouth followed by more slapping. Spit and slap, spit and slap continues until he can no longer take it. You can hear his screams and feel his helplessness. Halfway into the video you start to feel those slaps in your own face as if you are him. I give him a break from this torture by ordering to lick my boots again. After he lays on his back I continue to torture him with my high heels this time. You can see him starting to beg to swallow my spit after awhile. He eagerly opens his whore mouth waiting for my spit. However that is not the only thing I put in his dirty mouth. He also has to swallow my cigarette ashes. Be useful to me as an ashtray. When he cannot catch all the ashes he licks them from the floor. Then face slapping returns combined with cock and ball torture. I start slapping his useless balls while sitting on his fat belly. His screams are just too funny for me. Today is my pain day and I end the video with nipple torture. This video is for real pain sluts. One of the most sadistic ones I have done so far. There is face and ball slapping, nipple pinching, ball kicking, heel torture and lots of humiliation. I dare you to watch it.