Lady Karame
Evil games of your mistress FULL MOVIE
Evil games of your mistress FULL MOVIE

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Here you can watch a full movie by Lady Karame. She took a day off and spent it playing a few mean games with her slave. In the first place, of course, is her entertainment. The slave has the chance to win. But what will the price be? Will he do it? He will have to endure hard blows with a cane, a carpet beater, a belt and a whip if he loses. He has to survive 5 games. His mistress wears a tight, sexy leather dress, fine nylons which she also takes off to make her feet really nice dirty. In her high heels and pumps she drives the slave crazy over and over again. A film that only real masochists and sadists can watch in one go. #dirty feet #slowing #soles #feather dress #slave #mistress #dominatrix #pumps #mules #femdom #dangling #dipping #whipping