Lady Karame
Eat the cum of my lover, cuckhold!
Eat the cum of my lover, cuckhold!

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Language: German


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EXTREME HUMILIATION WARNING! You thought condom eating whore video had a happy ending for the slave but you are wrong. This is the part 2 of the first extreme humiliation video. Lady Karame is determined to take this slave down to the path of extreme degradation and she is going to turn him into a cum whore. This video continues where the first one ends. The slave is still tied to the chair and gorgeous Lady Karame grabs a pair of scissors and one of the cum filled condoms. She shortly teases the slave by dangling it in front of his mouth and then places the condom on his head. She makes a small cut on the condom and cum starts to flow towards his mouth. Slave is ordered to stick his tongue out and catch the cum. After several streams of cum reach his mouth Lady Karame places the tip of the condom in his mouth and orders him to suck the cum out of it. Slave hesitates but after obediently sucking the cum he inevitably gags. This entertains Lady Karame a lot. Torture does not end here. Actually, it is just starting as she grabs the second condom. This time she cuts the condom right over his open mouth and you can see the cum squirting from the condom directly in his mouth. Then she grabs the third condom. And fourth and fifth. She cuts all of them over his mouth and you can see his mouth getting filled with cum. Before the sixth condom is cut he is ordered to swallow all the cum accumulated in his mouth. After the seventh condom is drained in his mouth he is ordered to swallow again. When you think it is over it is not. She places the tip of all seven condoms in his mouth orders him to close his mouth and then she pulls them out draining the remaining cum in the condoms directly down his throat. Not wasting a drop of it. This video is not for the weak stomached. If you like extreme humiliation it is a must-have for your collection. Lady Karame delivers again.