Lady Karame
Dirty feet to lick with a hand full of canning
Dirty feet to lick with a hand full of canning

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My horny stepson has to lick my dirty feet and toes, which he doesn't do properly! A severe beating with carpet beater and cane follow (Part 4) After punishing my stepson for his inadequate work as a human vacuum cleaner, it's time for another lesson. Instead of working, he only had eyes for my nylons. As a punishment, I decide to get rid of my nylons. After all, my slave should focus on serving me not ogling my gorgeous outfit. However, I graciously keep wearing my figure-hugging white blouse, my tight black leather skirt and my wooden mules! After all, I am not a monster! In order for my slave to learn that he has to clean the carpet properly, I take off my shoes and walk barefoot through the apartment. After a short while my feet are dirty. Fortunately, I have a slave who will lick my feet clean again! At first my stepson resists, but after encouraging words he goes to work. I threateningly hold my carpet beater in my hand if my stepson doesn't lick my feet properly. He greedily gets to work, licks the dirty soles and may even lick my red lacquered toenails. I observe his efforts with a very stern look. After I have inspected the work of my slave, I am not satisfied. As a mistress I have very high standards, no slave can live up to! I have no choice but to show my stepson what it means not to satisfy me. He must lower his trousers and bend over the sofa. There his naked ass makes acquaintance with my carpet beater. Since I don’t want to bore my slave, I switch to the cane after a short time. I am so angry about the inadequacy of my stepson as a foot licker that I hit him harder and harder until the cane breaks! Meanwhile my slave begs for mercy! Will I be merciful? #mistress #dominatrix #femdom #mules #caning #carpetbeater #feet #toes #leather