Lady Karame
Dangling in mules while on phone
Dangling in mules while on phone

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My mistaken stepson kneels in the corner while I tell my female friend on the phone everything I've done to him. Meanwhile, my lacquer mules dangle seductively on my feet (part 5). Continuation of Part 4 [insert title]. It will be a long time before my stepson becomes a passable slave. But I have had enough for today. My slave has to kneel in the corner with his pants down, but he doesn't deserve to look at me. Meanwhile I enjoy my break. He can’t even look at the new lacquer mules I am wearing! (A good choice, because my camera slave can hardly take his eyes off the lacquer mules) While I let my mules dangle on my feet, I verbally humiliate my slave! Then I pull out my smartphone and call my female friend. I just have to tell her how I educated my stepson today. He kneels in the corner and listens to every word. He is so ashamed that he to wants to curl up and die. I arrange to meet my female friend for coffee at the Café am See, where only men serve women as it should be. Maybe I'll get my stepson a job there when his education is complete. In the café I will discuss the next steps in my slave's education with my female friend. Maybe I will bring her home with me afterwards so that we can immediately continue my stepson’s education without delay. The mere thought of being at the mercy of two dominant ladies makes my slave shudder! I end the conversation and go my wall mirror. My slave kneels in the way. With a kick and the request to clean the whole house until my return, I send him out of the room. I take another critical look in the mirror. The answer to the question: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest on ... is self-evident. I pull out my lipstick and apply fire-red paint again. Then I leave the house and look forward to the meeting with my female friend and the opportunity to order even more men around! Will my female friend come to visit me later and help educate my stepson? [In case of positive feedback, a sequel will follow ...]) #mistress #dominatrix #femdom #mules #POV #humiliation #feet #toes #dangling #leather