Lady Karame
Ballbusting in sexy Hunter Boots
Ballbusting in sexy Hunter Boots

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I made this video for my true pain sluts. It has ball kicking with my white Hunter boots and caning. I chose a creekside to torture my worthless slave. I start whipping his ass while he is on his fours. When he starts arching his back I put my heavy boots on his back and continue whipping. This is not all the punishment he will get from me today. It is just the beginning. I order him to spread open his legs and start kicking his balls repeatedly and mercilessly. Those heavy rubber boots do some serious damage on the balls. As I return to caning his back he starts to moan in pain but those moans sound like pleasure moans to my ears. You can hear my laughs and giggles as I watch him squirming in pain. Just when you think things cannot get worse for him I decide to shift gears. I order him to pull his underwear down and step on both of his hands with my Hunter boots. When I start heavily caning him he cannot back or escape anywhere. I am standing full weight on his hands!!. His pain screams sound like music to my ears. As a reward to accepting repeated caning this slave deserves to clean my dirty boots with his tongue. Of course he needs some motivation to do that. More caning... Come and watch how sadistic I can be.