Lady Karame

Live Sessions

We are, except of our feet, in fact untouchable, but not out of reach for you.

If you’re submissive, clean and kempt, if you know how to behave and how to lay an adequate tribute at our feet, then you’re allowed to ask us for a life session. Meetings will come up only in the  area of Hamburg; contact us for further information.

If you think that you’re not able to cope with two sadistic ladies at the same time, then you can also visit me only, Lady Karame, for a life session. Appointments will only be given if you’re willing to pay a deposit. The reason is simple: we always prepare intensively for live sessions and keep a free slot of time for you and therefore want to rely on you to appear.

Here’s a list of possibilities we give:

  • CBT/ nipple torture
  • Penis, testicle- and nipple treatment
  • Canning
  • variegated impulse-electricity treatment
  • hard, extreme whipping (Bullwhip)
  • human ashtray
  • Bondage
  • Fixations
  • Tickling fetish (we tickle you beyond limitations)
  • Education for whores/Sissies
  • Flagellation with various beating instruments, as well as classic english spanking
  • Wax treatments
  • Breathing control
  • Strapon
  • Golden shower
  • creative fixations and classic bondage
  • dominance, superiority, humiliation, submission, mocking
  • foot erotics with remarkably beautiful feet / Boot and High Heel erotics
  • Facesitting / bodysitting / trampling
  • TV-education, whore training
  • Group education, Bi-education
  • and many more practices that are not mentioned here yet