Lady Karame

Sadistic Femdom

Welcome to myself - your new Mistress

I will turn your life upside down, because you’ve at least found the right lady to treat you just like you’ve earned it and how you’ve imagined it a thounsand times in your head.

I’m of a different kind, you’ll notice it quickly. I LIVE my passion and that’s no game for me, but real life. I will enslave you with heart and soul and give your desolate life a new sense again. Thereby I’m not deadly serious, but I’ll amuse myself at your cost. My laughing will sound in your ears very long, because it’s true, full of cruelty and joy about the suffering I will cause to you. LK, there two letters will be burnt into your brain; and if you prove yourself successful, you may call yourself our property or even familyslave and live your dream.

UNIQUE is the fact, that a diabolic duo is waiting for you, something you’ve dreamt for so long. Mother AND daughter will educate, humiliate and torture you. You will fall to your knees for four beautiful feet and be thankful for this priceless grace. A session with me and my mother, Queen Kelra, will become an unforgettable experience for you. You’ll belong to us and obey and work just like we want you to! We are your goddesses, whom you’ll worship and adore. Every day your first and your last thought will be about us, and you’ll permanently consider how to make us more satisfied. A lot of possibilities you find here on our site.

Lady Karame